Dear Friends,
Given the current spread of the Omicron variant and its impact on our community, we have decided to postpone our January 28-29 festival. The health and safety of you, our patrons, is of the utmost importance to us. We sincerely regret that we won’t be together at Trustees Theater in a few weeks, but we look forward to gathering soon and sharing an amazing lineup of adventure-packed, inspiring documentary films with you!
Rest assured, all ticket purchases to date will be honored; if you have any questions about tickets, please email
We are grateful to you for your ongoing support of Mountainfilm on Tour Savannah. We look forward to seeing you very soon.
Leslie Carey and the Board of Directors

Save the new dates for our festival, now in Spring 2022!

April 29-30, 2022



Feature Film




2021 USA | Duration: 100 mins
Directed by:Jared Drake, Steven Siig

The combination of steep terrain, fluctuating temperatures and howling winds make Alpine Meadows one of the most avalanche prone ski resorts in the U.S. By March 1982, the resort had developed a rigorous avalanche safety protocol that was in many ways ahead of its time. But then a monster storm moved in, bringing relentless snow and fierce winds and creating conditions ripe for disaster. In this film, a taut autopsy of that fateful event, key players dig through the painful memories to relive what happens when nature overwhelms.



Family Matinee



24 Leeches

2020 USA | Duration: 10 mins
Directed by: Aaron Peterson

24 Leeches is a heart-warming and relatable story that not only describes the struggles and intensity of camping, but the joys and lifelong experiences and memories that come with it. This film spreads hope and is inspiring to people of all ages. —Ruby Cieciuch, age 11


Around the Block

2020 USA | Duration: 3 mins
Directed by: Jonnie Lewis

Sometimes the world around us is the best blank canvas. Join artist David Zinn’s chalk-based characters as they jump out from their urban environment, putting fun and color into everyday life. —Sadie Steinberg, age 16



Invisible Beauty

2021 Germany | Duration: 6 mins
Directed by: Milo Zanecchia, Sarah Ziegler

A girl who adores nature explores the beauty of small insects in every way imaginable. —Caroline Merritt, age 11



Manöver (Maneuvers)

2019 Switzerland | Duration: 5 mins
Directed by: Sämi Ortlieb

This film features exciting animations with skiing that will keep you on the edge of your seat. —Townes Merritt, age 14



Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim: Quarantine Ultra Run

2020 USA | Duration: 1 min
Directed by: Kip Pastor, Samantha Pastor

Exercise is essential, especially exercising outside. Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim: Quarantine Ultra Run provides the perfect example of how exhilarating and fun running outside can be, but remember, always stay safe! —Arabella Galbo, age 18



Whales Without Walls

2019 USA | Duration: 6 mins
Directed by: Charles Vinick, Dr. Lori Marino

A film about the damage captivity does to whales and dolphins, and a proposed solution for this captivity crisis. —Henry Martin, age 17



Why I Ride

2021 USA | Duration: 2 mins
Directed by: Catherine Aeppel

Jenny Phillips is new to dirt biking. According to her, she “absolutely sucks.” She also says, “but I don’t care. I’m having fun, and that’s all that matters.” In this stunning desert-y film, Jenny proves that there’s no reason to be afraid of learning new things, developing new skills and most importantly, having fun. —Lilah Lerner, age 16



Wild Child

2019 Ireland | Duration: 4 mins
Directed by: George Karbus

It’s cool to see how kids who live by the ocean have fun swimming with ocean creatures and surfing. I want to learn to surf with dolphins! —Zoe Cooper, age 9



MTB Bridge Stunt Ride

2021 USA | Duration: 1 min
Directed by: Antoni Villoni

Professional mountain biker Antoni Villoni elevates the bike lane to new, dizzying heights in this daring clip.



Saturday Night Shorts




The Mystery

2020 USA | Duration: 11 mins
Directed by: Tommy Penick, Forest Woodward

In the ‘90s, there existed this very nerdy, goofy and cool subset of kayaking called “squirt boating.” At the time, thousands called it their hobby, but now, there are less than 200. In squirt boating, boats are custom-sized, like getting fit for a tuxedo and “the mystery move” was the claim to fame. These days, the hobby itself has pulled a mystery move — disappearing from the kayaking sect, leaving everyone wondering, what happened to those sparkly squirt boats of yore?



Born From Junk

2020 USA | Duration: 15 mins
Directed by: Mike Horn, Galin Foley

Perhaps it is unsurprising that the sport, industry and obsession of mountain biking was at least partially invented by mountain town pioneers riding “klunker” bikes down mountain passes between Crested Butte and Aspen. The sports’ inventors had no clue — they were, one recalls, “just a bunch of outlaws with too much time on our hands and a couple million acres of wild country to explore.” Tinkering with klunkers led to bike innovations; impromptu partying turned into organized events; cow paths were linked together into single track networks. Filmmakers Mike Horn and Galin Foley intercut archival footage, interviews with Crested Butte old-timers and reenactments to tell the story of the Butte’s Grubstake Gang and the outdoor adventure sport they helped launch.



Made in the Mitten

2020 USA | Duration: 7 mins
Directed by: Zeppelin Zeerip

While it’s most often thought of as a mountain sport, modern-day snowboarding began on the shores of Lake Michigan. Housebound in a snowstorm, and in need of an activity to get his kids outside, Sherman Poppn fastened two of his daughter’s skis together and stood sideways on the hill in his backyard. And with that, the snurfer was born, creating a magical way to surf the snow. The snowboard industry has come a long way since then, but Made in the Mitten is an homage to the sport’s original roots: the pure joy of riding a skinny piece of wood in the snowy backyards of the Midwest.



How to Count a Wolf

2020 USA | Duration: 8 mins
Directed by: Benjamin Drummond, Sara Joy Steele

Monitoring wolf populations to determine the extent that they are repopulating places where they have been long absent is no easy feat and entails risks to both wildlife biologists who do the counting and to the wolves they try to count. But, perhaps the survival of the wildest of species depends on human management.



A Concerto is a Conversation

2020 USA | Duration: 14 mins
Directed by: Ben Proudfoot, Kris Bowers

Tackling themes of race, family and belonging, A Concerto Is a Conversation is a poetic conversation between Emmy-winning composer Kris Bowers and his 91-year-old grandfather. The emotional and touching connection between the two bridges a generational divide, and tracks their family’s lineage from Jim Crow-era Florida to the Walt Disney Concert Hall.



One Star Reviews: National Parks

2020 USA | Duration: 2 mins
Directed by: Alex Massey

Classic American stereotypes come to life in one star reviews. For real. In a world where everyone’s a critic, the magic of our national parks is downplayed by couch potato tourists turned outdoor aficionados. Brief, beautiful and truly comical, award-winning director Alex Massey brings to light cringeworthy Yelp reactions to some of the most stunning natural wonders in America.




2020 Canada | Duration: 14 mins
Directed by: Zoya Lynch

Here’s a loving tribute to all of the indefatigable ski moms who somehow manage gear and tears, not to mention the stresses of survival and the high toll exacted on marriages in ski country. It all pays off when skis are finally attached to little feet and the family achieves grace, gliding together downhill.



Mighty Waters

2021 Bahamas | Duration: 17 mins
Directed by: Shannon Vandivier

Bahamian sport fishing legend Ansil Saunders guided Martin Luther King, Jr. through the mangroves on a fishing trip just days before King was assassinated in 1968. Even though King went to the Bahamas to relax and write, he left an indelible mark on the country and Saunders. Now 88 years old, Saunders reflects on how King inspired his interest in politics as he helped lead the island nation’s subsequent fight for independence and desegregation.


Charge 2

2020 Canada | Duration: 4 mins
Directed by: Anthony Bonello

In British Columbia’s Monashee Mountains the powder is consistent and sought after. Five freeskiers — Stan Rey, Leah Evans, Alexi Godbout, Josh Daiek, Drew Petersen and Jordan Temkin — head to book cat skiing with only one operative: charge as hard as you can every day. The result is the pure joy and exaltation found in powder.