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Feature Film

Full Circle

2023 USA | Duration: 105 mins
Directed by: Josh Berman

Parallel in their injuries, a current Trevor Kennison and a legendary Barry Corbet have their narratives woven together through reinventing themselves after trauma. Vulnerable in its close inspection and inspiring in its development and delivery, Full Circle follows both Kennison and Corbet as they transform the tragedy of spinal cord injury into an unbelievable opportunity, redefining what’s possible as they set realistic goals in their rehabilitation.

Family Matinee

January 20th  | 2:00 p.m.

The Dukha

2020 Mongolia | Duration: 8 mins
Directed by: Carmen Morrow, Zach Wolf

The Dukha is an informative, yet whimsical short film that depicts one of Mongolia’s last cohorts of nomadic reindeer herders. Via a combination of documentary-style footage and enchanting stop motion, this film illustrates the symbolic significance of the reindeer in Mongolian culture, the ins and outs of reindeer herding and the profound way in which the herding lifestyle facilitates familial connections. —Julia Cieciuch, age 16

Meet a Mad Farmer: A-Frame Farm

2022 USA | Duration: 6 mins
Directed by:  Kirk Horton, Brendan Davis

Luke and Ali Peterson are not your normal farmers. They are regenerative farmers surrounded by corn and soybeans for miles. The Petersons’ farm is a sign of diversity and healthy crops. To others they might seem crazy, but the Petersons think of regenerative farming and food as a beacon of hope for a healthier farming system, showcasing that soil health can lead to healthier foods and happier farmers.—Juno Bubolo, age 14

Jojo – A Toad Musical

2023 USA | Duration: 8 mins
Directed by: Chelsea Jolly, David Herasimtschuk

Jojo is a kid who lives in the city and loves nature, especially toads. He also loves music and writing rap songs. Jojo combines his love of nature and love of music to write fun environmental rap songs about how we need to protect nature. He shares a good tip at the end, so wait for it. —Zoe Cooper, age 11


2021 New Zealand | Duration: 5 mins
Directed by: Celia Jaspers

Milk is an endearing and sweet short film about a young girl who buys milk for a man who can’t afford it instead of buying herself something. This heartwarming representation of true good character and selflessness is a much-needed reminder that good people do exist. This film encourages us to step away from our own selfish tendencies and embrace others so we can realize that even the smallest things can bring joy to their day. And, if this film tells us anything, those small moments of joy can lead to a brighter world. —Ruby Cieciuch, age 13


Not the Science Type: Gitanjali

2021 USA | Duration: 7 mins
Directed by: Julio Palacio

Gitanjali was only 4 years old when she got a science kit and started creating inventions. By now, she has made 11 innovations, including one to address the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Although she has already done more good in her life than most adults, she is far from finished on her journey to help the world. —Joe Galbo, age 17

Paddle Tribal Waters

2022 USA | Duration: 9 mins
Directed by:  Paul Robert Wolf Wilson, Rush Sturges

Paddle Tribal Waters is a positive way to celebrate the removal of the Klamath dams and support the tribal nations by ensuring their youth have a say in the dam removal. This short film encourages education about the dams while also showing how to enjoy the river’s beauty. —Mateo Bubolo, age 16


2022 Switzerland, Canada | Duration: 5 mins
Directed by: Sämi Ortlieb

Although separated by the Atlantic ocean, longtime friends Sämi Ortlieb and Rob Heule find common ground through shared ski experiences from their respective homes in Glarus, Switzerland and Alberta, Canada.

The Wild Within

2022 USA | Duration: 3 mins
Directed by: Logan Lambert

This film explores the importance of our connection to nature and finding your true self through adventures in Churchill, Canada. Through this exploration, one can discover who you really want to be in this world. —Jake Martin, age 18

Saturday Night Shorts

January 20th  | 7:00 p.m.

A Baffin Vacation

2022 USA, Canada | Duration: 13 mins
Directed by:  Sarah McNair-Landry, Erik Boomer

Erik Boomer and Sarah McNair-Landry set off on a bold, multi-sport, 45-day expedition traveling through the remote landscape of Baffin Island in search of cliffs to climb and unexplored rivers to whitewater kayak.

Beyond the Summit

2022 USA | Duration: 33 mins
Directed by: Natasha Mynhier

After becoming the first person to ski the Seven Summits, team athlete Kit DesLauriers found herself searching for purpose beyond herself. Through an epic adventure of athleticism, survival and conservation, she found it. Beyond the Summit explores her two weeks of traversing the Arctic on skis, telling the story of a diminishing snowpack in one of the most pristine wilderness areas in the world: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

To Be Frank

2023 USA | Duration: 11 mins
Directed by: Anna Wilder Burns

To Be Frank explores authenticity and community in surfing via Frank Paine, a 73-year-old South Bay icon and humble local legend whose life orbits around a two-block stretch of beach. His unforgettable mustache and magnetic spirit are what most first notice, but Paine’s deeper layers expose a depth that might answer some questions that surfers continually ask themselves. Surfing, which for some becomes lost in isolation, is made whole again with Paine — welcoming, inspiring, kind and committed, with an unwavering passion centered on and springing from Hermosa Beach’s beloved shores.

High Road

2022 USA | Duration: 12 mins
Directed by: Lindsey Hagen

High Road celebrates the unbreakable bond between Paralympian Meg Fisher and Jack Berry, a young Para athlete whose cycling career is just beginning to unfold. Together the two navigate life’s obstacles with grace and integrity, creating space for the next generation of Para cyclists.

Walking on Clouds

2021 Brazil | Duration: 7 mins
Directed by: Renan Kamizi

Walking on Clouds reveals the breathtaking and dizzying highline crossing between two hot air balloons above the city of Praia Grande, Santa Catarina, Brazil. At 1,901 meters off the ground, athlete Rafael Bridi achieved the highest highline record in the world.


The Orchestra Chuck Built

2023 USA | Duration: 22 mins
Directed by: Christopher Stoudt

In 2016, the League of American Orchestras conducted a study that revealed a shocking statistic: only 1.8% of the professional orchestra workforce in the US is Black. From an old church rec room in the inner city of Los Angeles, former lawyer-turned-conductor Chuck Dickerson is on a mission to change that. With his majority Black and Latino youth orchestra — the largest of its kind in the country — Chuck is creating opportunities for his community that did not previously exist. The Orchestra Chuck Built is a loving portrait of a tireless mentor and the orchestra members whose lives have been transformed by music.

Tear Down the City

2022 Canada | Duration: 5 mins
Directed by: Hugo Dubé-Bouchard

Mountain biker Xavier Massicotte tears around the streets, stairs, parks and subways of Montreal in this fast-paced, flowy adventure.