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Friday Evening Films


Mentors: Hilaree Nelson

2018 USA | Duration: 5 mins

Directed by: Taylor Rees

It may be tempting to think of the world of ski mountaineering as one dominated by brawn. With, admittedly, some brain requirements to help mitigate serious risk factors. But, beauty? Is there room in this burly, testosterone-fueled world for the feminine? And not just for the token female, but for many of the fairer sex? As a pioneer in this often rough-and-tough milieu, Telluride’s own Hilaree Nelson has an unequivocal answer and shows us, by her personal example, how women can do anything men can do (…and better).


Safe Haven

2018 USA | Duration: 8 mins

Directed by: Tim Kressin

Inner-city Memphis is not the likeliest setting for an enormous rock climbing gym. But since it opened in March 2018, Memphis Rox, the nation’s only nonprofit climbing gym — open to all, regardless of ability to pay — has proven that the challenges of technical climbing have strong appeal, and can provide benefits well beyond the traditional outdoor-recreation community.



2019 USA | Duration: 7 mins

Directed by: Simon Perkins

Jon Wilson lost a leg to cancer at 23. He found joy some years later by developing a solitary routine of skinning and climbing up a ski mountain on his remaining leg, at night, and skiing back down. Wilson wrote and narrates this tone poem about perseverance and the unexpected gift that came from having been “broken.”


The Explorers: Casey Brown

2019 USA/Canada | Duration: 4 mins

Directed by: Ryan HeffernanGrayson Schaffer

“Am I a crazy person?” downhill mountain biker Casey Brown asks in this short film. Decide for yourself as you watch her negotiate the massive drops, huge gaps and puckering lines of southern Utah.


Rusty’s Ascent

2019 USA | Duration: 25 mins

Directed by: Jordan Halland

Everest-obsessed since childhood, Robert “Rusty” Bailey fulfilled his dream of joining an Everest expedition in 1982. He was buried in an avalanche that killed several Sherpas, but dug himself out. After a rest day, the summit attempt resumed, and Rusty cheated death a second time. This portrait of a professional climber asks the big question: Is it worth it?


Rough AF3

2018 Canada | Duration: 3 mins

Directed by: Calvin Huth

Hard work, dedication and a really dumb idea sometimes pay off.



2018 Czech Republic | Duration: 2 mins

Directed by: Marek Partys

In the high steppe of Little Tibet, a young boy develops an unlikely obsession: ice hockey. He fashions pucks out of stones, trains on homemade skates and worships Czech hockey icon Jaromír Jágr. And he has his heart set on an outsized dream.


Sacred Strides

2018 USA | Duration: 12 mins

Directed by: Forest WoodwardAnna CallaghanMarie Sullivan

Southeastern Utah’s canyons are the ancestral home of several Native American tribes. So when the Trump administration slashed the area protected by the designation of Bears Ears National Monument, it wasn’t just a blow to public lands — it was an affront to the tribes’ sacred history. In March 2018, runners from the Hopi, Navajo, Ute and Ute Mountain Ute tribes ran relay-style on four routes that eventually converged near the rock spine of Comb Ridge. The run was not only a show of support for Bears Ears, but a way to reconnect to the land and heal their relationships with each other.


Ashes to Ashes

2019 USA | Duration: 26 mins

Directed by:  Taylor Rees

Mountainfilm Commitment Grant

America has yet to heal from the trauma of its darkest era, and Winfred Rembert is living proof of that. Rembert, who lived on a plantation, joined the civil rights movement as a teen and was put to work on a chain gang, is a rare survivor of a lynching attempt. Decades later, he still carries the scars. “That lynching is on my back, and it’s dragging me down, even today,” he says. As he etches the history, bloodsoaked and cruel, into leatherwork, fellow artist Dr. Shirley Jackson Whitaker organizes a different kind of ceremony to search for healing. “It’s not just black history,” she says. “This is American history.”

Saturday Family Matinee Films



2018 USA | Duration: 4 mins

Directed by:  Aly Nicklas

Do you like to ride your bike even when it is winter? If so, then you’ll love this film about a little girl and her bike.
 — Caroline Merritt, age 8



2017 USA | Duration: 3 mins

Directed by:  Sara Litzenberger

Have you ever been misunderstood? If you have, then you will make a connection with this film.
 — Caroline Merritt, age 8


Every Nine Minutes

2017 USA | Duration: 3 mins

Directed by:  DJ O’Neil, Oliver Hamilton

Artists find a unique way to raise awareness about plastic waste. — Henry Martin, age 15


March of the Newts

2018 USA | Duration: 5 mins

Directed by: David Herasimtschuk

Do you like getting funky out in the woods? Well, these newts sure do. — Townes Merritt, age 12


Mission Dolomites with Kilian Bron

2018 France | Duration: 6 mins

Directed by: Kilian Bron

French freerider Kilian Bron takes his mountain bike on a via ferrata in the Dolomites, where he faces impossibly tight turns, hair-raising exposure and massive consequences for the smallest error in line choice. No you didn’t, Kilian Bron. Yes, he did.


Think Like a Scientist: Renewal

2019 USA | Duration: 8 mins

Directed by: Jessica Plumb

Think Like a Scientist: Renewal is a breathtaking film about the un-damming of the Elwha River and the impact it had on migrating salmon. This film discusses how humans have manipulated the environment and looks at one scientist who is watching the Elwha River renew to its original state, while also observing the animals around it.
 — Brooke Shifrin, age 16


One Small Step

2018 USA/China | Duration: 8 mins

Directed by: Andrew Chesworth, Bobby Pontillas

This bittersweet Oscar-nominated film presents a father and a daughter, and shows the sacrifices that a parent has to make for his or her children. Although kids might disregard you and act like they don’t appreciate what you do for them, it’s still important to show them that One Small Step toward fulfilling their dreams. — Sadie Steinberg, age 14


Far Out

2018 USA| Duration: 5 mins

Directed by: Steve Jones, Todd Jones, Blake A. Campbell

Do you know what it feels like to ski awesome powder? Then you know how Kai feels. This film shows the best parts of being in the snow. You might know how it feels to ski, but if not, watch this film and you will!
 — Joe Galbo, age 13


Danny Daycare

2019 Scotland | Duration: 4 mins

Directed by: Stu Thomson

So long coloring books and cartoons. Goodbye stuffed animals and nap time. Danny MacAskill is your new favorite babysitter ever.

Saturday Evening Films


The Running Pastor

2019 USA | Duration: 9 mins

Directed by:  Tim Kemple

Sverri Steinholm grew up chasing sheep up and down the rugged, breathtaking slopes of the Faroe Islands. Today he is a pastor of the Lutheran Church, the dominant religion on the island. He is also a compulsive runner, finding solace and spiritual refuge from personal conflicts and the burdens of priesthood on the trails and roads of his homeland. He may inhabit a very different world, but his words will ring true to anyone who has found peace in nature. “Somehow I am driven to it,” he says. “The body needs it, or my soul, my mind.”


A Grand Journey

2018 USA | Duration: 15 mins

Directed by: Amon Barker

“On my drive to school in the morning, I would see the Grand,” says Jackson, Wyo. native Kira Brazinski. “And then learning, as I got older, that people could climb up, that was just mind-blowing.” Born with a rare birth defect, Brazinski uses a prosthetic leg for walking. “My parents did an awesome job of never telling me I was different, or that I couldn’t do something,” says the former competitive freerider. When knee pain curtailed her skiing, it could have spelled the end of outdoor pursuits. Instead, she doubled down, setting the grandest of objectives


Up to Speed

2018 USA | Duration: 21 mins

Directed by: Zachary BarrPeter MortimerNick Rosen

Climbing — the fringy, grungy sport of dirtbags — is headed to the biggest athletic stage on Earth: the 2010 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Disciplines will include lead climbing, bouldering and … speed climbing? Yes, it’s a thing. This new film by Sender introduces us to the blistering subdiscipline, a much-scoffed at world of interesting warm-up dances, powerful vertical sprinting and competition that’s nothing to joke about.


Danny Daycare

2019 Scotland | Duration: 4 mins

Directed by: Stu Thomson

So long coloring books and cartoons. Goodbye stuffed animals and nap time. Danny MacAskill is your new favorite babysitter ever.


Tenaya Creek Kayak Run

2018 USA | Duration: 3 mins

Directed by: Dane Jackson

Yosemite isn’t just for climbing anymore. Consider this a world class kayaking destination for outrageous creeks and water freaks.


March of the Newts

2018 USA | Duration: 5 mins

Directed by: David Herasimtschuk

Do you like getting funky out in the woods? Well, these newts sure do. —Townes Merritt, age 12


Every Nine Minutes

2018 USA | Duration: 4 mins

Directed by: DJ O’NeilOliver Hamilton

Artists find a unique way to raise awareness about plastic waste. —Henry Martin, age 15


R.A.W. Tuba

2019 USA | Duration: 29 mins

Directed by: Darren Durlach, David Larson

Mountainfilm Commitment Grant

“I like the tuba because it reminds me of my life, it’s the underdog.” That’s Dr. Richard Antoine White, whose biography reads like a manual in how to overcome odds. White grew up intermittently homeless on the streets of Baltimore, and went on to become a world-class symphony musician, professor and the first African American in the world to receive a Doctorate in Music for Tuba Performance. He’s got music in him, yes. But he’s also got a drive rarely seen, even in the most competitive artistic circles. As he puts it, “the only thing that will stop me from being successful is death.”


All In: Alaska Heli Skiing Segment

2018 USA | Duration: 4 mins

Directed by: Scott Gaffney

Tune in for a tutorial on how to absolutely shred Alaskan spines.