Honoring our Veterans

Mountainfilm on Tour Savannah and DIRTT will host a special screening in honor of Veterans Day on Thursday, November 7th, at Service Brewing Company. A question and answer session with film directors and subjects will follow the films. A social hour at 5:30 p.m. will kick-off the event; the program begins at 6:30 p.m.


The screening will include three documentary short films: Fear Us Women, Return from Desolation and Adventure Not War.


Hanna Bohman, the subject of Fear Us Women, and Katie Katz, a producer of the film, will join the audience for a question and answer session following their film. Garrett Eaton, the subject of Return from Desolation, will also participate in a Q & A session after his film screening.

2018 Film List:

Fear us Women

Duration: 27 mins

Fear us Women

Hanna Bohman was living a comfortable existence in Canada when she began to learn about the horrors of ISIS. Outraged by the atrocities being committed, she decided to take the ultimate action, traveling to Syria and becoming a volunteer soldier with the YPJ, all all-female Kurdish army. Through dust storms and tedium, training and firefights, Bohman offers an unprecedented front-line look at the female soldiers fighting for women’s liberation in the world’s most dangerous country.

Return from Desolation

Duration: 12 mins

Return from Desolation

After returning from Afghanistan, Garrett Eaton was dangerously close to losing his family and his life to addiction when he found a river guiding program for American veterans. Trading the ups and downs of daily life for the twists and turns of the wild serpentine rivers of the American Southwest, Garrett immersed himself in nature to regain his sense of calm and make peace with his demons. Noticing the benefits of wild places, Garrett became a part-time rafting guide, and now splits his time between Desolation Canyon, Utah and the oil fields of North Dakota. His double life raises eyebrows at both of his places of work, but through this arrangement, he can bring home a paycheck and a rejuvenated heart to his wife and four children. Slowly finding his way back from the brink, Garrett rediscovered what he has been fighting for deep in the canyons of Desolation.

Adventure, not War

Duration: 25 mins

Adventure, not War

After serving in the Army in Iraq, Stacy Bare found himself back home, abusing drugs and alcohol, and on the verge of becoming a statistic. He no longer knew who he was. So Bare convinced two army buddies to deploy on a return mission to Iraq, to, of all things, make a ski movie. Racked by survivor’s guilt and reliving the horrors of their tours of duty, the amateur skiers are challenged to find redemption on rickety tow ropes and bony couloirs. This time around, they are not invading soldiers, but mountain lovers, building cultural bridges, working toward peace and rewriting a happier ending to their stories.

The event is free to all veterans. General admission is $15.

Many thanks to our presenting sponsor, DIRTT, and to our reception sponsors, Vinnie Van Go Go’s, Kayak Kafe, Savannah Bee Company and Coca-Cola.


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